Saphie Wells, singer and songwriter born in Lima, Peru (1986) and living in Barcelona, ​​launches her third album “SO FAR”. Described in her words: SO FAR, which in English is used to say both “so far” and “until now,” is an EP that captures some of the experiences that marked my life, the moments that shaped and changed its course. Farewells, reunions, questions and fears….

I return to the past, I search for me and I reunite with myself and with all those experiences, that although are perceived as being “so far away” in time, made me the person I am “until now.” The path of life is complex, uncertain, beautiful, long and short at the same time. And we can find ourselves somewhere in it now, without knowing exactly in which exact point of it we are. Past experiences can seem distant, foreign but, at the same time, they accompany us for a lifetime.

05 Jul 2024 Festival Istiu Girona La Llotja La Llotja